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Need free art? This works great with posters. but, you can do it with things like buttons, if you need a round picture, or, if your talking about something like a plate, you can use one of ours as an example. Simply click on the “Share Link”  (you will see this option when you click on a product you like), copy the code and paste it into your website, Facebook, emails, Pinterest and more.  Do not save the work to your computer though as that is copyright infringement. Just use the link provided.  However, there is a link to purchase the art, but, don’t be discouraged by that fact. If you click on the box below

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and sign up with Zazzle’s affiliate program, you’ll earn 15% off the sale. That’s right. You can post a poster on Facebook, or, send an email to a friend, etc.,  and if others buy it, you’ll earn money. Plus, Amelian Angels will get 10% from the sale. All the money we raise is given to those in need.

We help people with cancer, the disabled, children, the elderly, pets and more. So not only will you be blessing others with your purchases, you’ll earn a little money too, for yourself, or, your favorite charity! The more links you post, the more you will be helping others, and yourself. In fact, you could open your own store with all the links and be like an affiliate partner! Just think of all the good we could do!

I hope your having a wonderful day,

Amelia Carrie

Below is Zazzle’s affiliate chart.

Length of Referral Cookie 45 Days
Minimum Referral Payment 15%
Volume Bonus Starts at just $100 – up to 17%
Minimum Payout $50
Payment Methods Check or Paypal
Refund Rate Less than 1%
Products for Any Niche Yes –
Countless Brands to Promote Yes
Promotion Tips and Strategies FREE
Promotional Banners and Flash Panels FREE and easy to use


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About the Products

The highest quality products are used and most are brand names. All gifts may be customized with a name, goal, prayer, wish, special message, date, etc., for free.

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All gifts come with a 24 hour money back guarantee.

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Most items ship within 24 hours.