Tree of Life Coaster

Rainbow Tree of Life by Amelia Carrie Coasters
A tree of life coaster in soft pastel colors.

Sunshine Magnet

You are my sunshine. fridge magnet
A sweet little magnet with the words you are my sunshine on it.

Insert Photo

Angel Wings and Heart Cards
This cute little card would be perfect for a birth announcement, adoption announcement, christening and more. Simple replace photo and customize the card  with your message and event.

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angels 4
May your days be full of joy.

angel with heart

May your heart be filled with love.

You are my Sunshine

You are my sunshine. throw pillow
This pillow makes a beautiful and fun decoration for any room. It features the words “You are my sunshine” and I put the words MY SUNSHINE YOU MAKE ME HAPPY DEAR I LOVE YOU MY SUNSHINE in capital letters for a little extra hidden message. Also, at the top of the pillow is the words Sunshine and at the bottom I love you.

Fairy Postcard

Lovely Post Cards
This is a very sweet image of a vintage fairy that I turned into a collage for this postcard because it wasn’t quite wide enough to fit. She is so cute. She appears to be looking into a mirror and applying some type of powder puff to her face.  If you click on the postcard, you’ll also be able to find other gifts that she is on.


Beautiful Butterflies Round Wall Clock 
Here I thought it would be really need to put a big butterfly over planet earth to signify positive growth and change. There is a small light that comes out of the hands of time which is God’s light of love.

Tree of Life Button

Tree of Life Peace Pinback Button 
Peace and the hope for world peace never goes out of fashion. Here I’ve made a collage consisting of a  tree of life with a peace symbol and in the back of the tree is planet earth. I made it in rainbow colors to signify all the different people and animals on the planet, whom together, make a rainbow of love.

For Baby

Angel Wings T-shirts
This is just a very simple design, but, cute all the same. Here I just added some angel wings to the back of this baby bodysuit, because all babies are little angels. Also, according to the bible and most other religions including Muslim, the belief is that each child has their own guardian angel, so, the wings could mean “protected by” . Here’s a bible verse you might want to add to the shirt along with a name to customize it for free.   See that you do not despise one of these little ones. For I tell you that in heaven their angels always see the face of my Father who is in heaven.”  Mathew 18:10

IPad Case

Beautiful Guardian Angel iPad Folio Covers
A simple angel silhouette in a very interesting border and background. In the corners of the picture I made crosses out of flower petals and placed them into the picture since the angel was holding a flower and their was grass a the bottom of the picture.

girl with dove

May your life be filled with peace.

animation 2


May your dreams and wishes come true.

A Nice Notebook

You are my sunshine notebook


Carl Heinrich Bloch Print

Little Angel Pillow

Angels in the Garden Throw Pillows

A Colorful Ornament

Share - Angel Wings and Heart Ornament

Customize a Anniversary Gift

Anniversary Plate

Angel Alphabet Buttons

Angel Alphabet A Initial Latter Wings Halo Button
Angel Alphabet letter buttons make a great gift for yourself or someone that you care about.  Use them for supporting family members, friends, and others in need. Campaigns and causes, births, deaths, and more can be memorialized as well.  They have a transparent background so you can change the background color, or move the artwork or shrink it to add a name or message, etc..

Tree of Life

Tree of Life in Brown Stretched Canvas Prints
A tree of life artwork in brown colors on high quality wrapped canvas.

Sympathy Card

Memorial with Angel Wings and Heart
I designed this card to be comforting for the family members, friends and especially the children in the family of the dearly departed. While the back side is an invitation to the funeral celebration,  you can customize the card to a personal message if there will not be a funeral.

Invitation & Sticker

This the the most popular invitation design, It features an artwork I did with a heart embraced by angel wings. I also added a rainbow and some clouds.  I’ve also added a heart shaped sticker for your envelopes.

Rainbow Heart and Angel Wings Personalized Invites 

Hope Heart Sticker


Yin yang, tree of life, yoga, harmony 


Love Greeting Cards


Smile Wall Clock

Prayer Box

Stained glass little girl praying for father premium trinket boxes


Concern Print

Cell Case

Cross, Peace Sign iPhone 5C Cases


Harmony - Wishing you Peace, Love and Happiness! Pillows


Share - Angel Wings and Heart Tiles


Friends & Family Plate


Angel Personalized Necklace


Tree of Life Necklace


Fly Custom Necklace


Equality Posters


Hope Print


Yin yang, tree of life, yoga, harmony by Amelia Ca Print


Prayer - The Lord's Prayer Postcard


Gethsemane Carl Bloch Postcard


Comfort Postcards


Hello my name is child of the one true king. t shirt


Persevere Posters

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